Instrumentation & Control Lab

Sr.No. Name of Equipt./Machinery Technical Specifications Quantity
1 SMART Transmitter SMART transmitter for any variable, should be able to demonstrate all the features such as auto ranging, engineering units display, alarms etc
2 Data Logger 8 channel data logger for analog input, compatible with PC and/or facility for printing
3 Alarm Annunciator 12/16 channel Alarm annunciater with toggle inputs to create faults flasher and audible alarm circuitry, test, reset and acknowledge buttons
4 Electronic Transmitter Any physical parameter transmitter like pressure, temperature or level t may be taken of a suitable
range available in the lab.
5 I/P or P/I converter Practical setup consisting of current source(at least4to20mA),AFR, compressor, ammeter for measuring 4 to 20 mA, suitable piping and tubing arrangement
6 Process Control Trainer Set up A working trainer kit model demonstrating the actual elements of any process loop such as pressure, flow, temperature, level etc, preferably
with PC compatibility
7 Cut –Sections of
different Control valves
Cut sections of different control valves such as Ball, Globe, Butterfly, solenoid etc.
8 Control Valve characteristics trainer set- up Practical set up calculating control valve characteristics including Storage tank, sump, control valve- linear and equal percentage, Measuring cylinder/ rotameter, stop watch etc 1
9 CV Calculation Trainer Set-up Pneumatically operated 1 inch valve with pressure gauge and pressure regulators on upstream and downstream, water tank, sump, flow rate measurement facility/rotameter, stop
watch etc.
10 DCS Trainer Set-up or Simulation Software IEC1131-3Compatible Software One server with minimum two clients.
PLCs with Remote I-Os & at least 2 different Networks for medium size control & Micrologix family / SIEMENS S7-1200 Series for small size control
Rockwell Automations PLANTPAX or Factory Talk or SIEMSNS PCS-7 with at least Hot- swapping feature Redundancy may be kept
11 PLC’s, sensors and Transmitters, PC server, Two work Stations Micrologix 1400 or equivalent with Ethernet port/RS232/485 port. With min 10 DI/8 DO and 1 AI/1 AO Various input devices such as Pushbuttons, limit switches, sensors, Output
indicators etc
12 VFD, Single phase Motor 0.5 to 1 Hp
13 Programmable Logic controllers from standard vendors. Standard vendors such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Emerson, Mitsubishietc.
14 Limit switches, proximity switches, push buttons,
Relays, Lamps.
24 Vdc or 230Vac
15 Single phase motor,24V- DC motor, solenoid
Valve, Fan, Heater.
1 Hp motor/ Solenoid valve 24Vdc or 230 Vac.
16 Setup for actual working processes (No simulation) Level control system, Reactor/blending with mixing facility, conveyor system , Temperature
control of small furnace using PID action of PLC