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List of laboratories:

Sr.No. Laboratory Name Lab In charge.


Physics Laboratory Mrs. M. S. Gijare


Chemistry Laboratory Mrs. J. D. Omase


English Language Laboratory Mr. U. N. Jadhav


Details of Laboratories:

Laboratory Name: Physics Laboratory
Location of laboratory: 409
Laboratory in charge: Mrs.M.S.Gijare
Major Equipments: Thermal conductivity set up, Photo Cell, Acoustics, TIR, Spectrometer.
Equipments: Hydraulic bench, Pelton Turbine, Centrifugal pump.


Laboratory Name: Chemistry Laboratory
Location of laboratory: 414
Laboratory in charge: Mrs. J. D.Omase
Major Equipments: pH Meter, , BOD Incubator, Electric Oven,  Nephelometer, Conductivity Meter


Laboratory Name: Language Laboratory
Location of laboratory: 411, 412
Laboratory in charge: Mr.U.N.Jadhav
Software Installed : e-TAIL Network Limited
Major Equipments: Lenovo Thinkcentre Computers, Headphones