Alumni Introduction

Alumni Association of AISSMS Polytechnic, Pune

The Alumni Association of AISSMS Polytechnic, Pune was formed in February 2018. It was formally registered with the Charities Commissioner under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. A large number of ALUMNI has been enrolled as a member of the association. The important objectives of the ALUMNI Association as lay down in the memorandum then were as follows:

  • To increase interaction between past and present students.
  • To enhance, modernize and upgrade the existing facilities with the help of ALUMNI.
  • To organize guest lectures, seminars, refresher courses or get- together etc.
  • To bridge the gap between the industry and academics by exchanging professional knowledge, organize technical workshops and training courses.
  • To take an active and abiding interest in the progress, so as to contribute towards the enhancement of the social utility.
  • To systematically uplift the image and status of AISSMS polytechnic Pune at large.
  • To maintain continuous communication with different industrial domains and Alumni in their development procedure.
  • To create ALUMNI web portal and maintain the database of respective pass out batches.
  • To take steps so as to enhance the practical knowledge of students and utilize the same with advanced technologies for the industry.
  • To arrange a convocation program for pass out students.

AAO AISSMS POLYTECHNIC, Pune Managing Committee from 21-Feb-2018

Five alumni from different fields are on the managing committee of the association.

Sr. No Name of the Member Current Designation Position in AAO AISSMS POLY. Email
01 Mr. S. K. Giram


Principal President
02 Mr. R. R. Gandhi Service Vice President


03 Mr. S. Y. Divekar Lecturer Secretary
04 Mr. Y. R. Tule Service Joint

05 Mr. K. D.  Waghmare Lecturer Treasurer
06 Ms. S. A.  Japtap Service Member
07 Mr. M. D. Tekawde Service Member


Activities conducted by ALUMNI

1 2023-24 ALUMNI MEET 20-01-2024
2 2022-23 ALUMNI MEET 04-03-2023
3 2021-22 ALUMNI MEET 07-12-2021
4 2018-19 LECTURES ON CAREER GUIDANCE 18-01-2019
ALUMNI MEET 23-02-2019
5 2017-18 ALUMNI MEET 26-01-2018
6 2016-17 ALUMNI MEET 26-01-2017
7 2015-16 ALUMNI MEET 26-01-2016



Contribution by  ALUMNI

Siemens Co. Ltd. Mumbai has donated the industrial tool makers microscope for the use of Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Engineering students of our Polytechnic through our  ALUMNI Mr. Yuvraj Tule.