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Sports Events

Academic Year 2019-2020

Sports Events (IT Dept)
Sr. No. Name of Student Event/Competition Class Remarks
1 Vinayak Kulkarni BasketBall Competition TYIF Runner-up
2 Atharva Chalphakar Weight Lifting Competition SYIF Runner-up
3 Chirayu Yadav Weight Lifting Competition SYIF Winner


Academic Year 2018-19

Sports Events (IT Dept)
Sr. No. Event/Competition Name of Student Class Remarks
1 Basket Ball Competition Anushka Sharma SYIF Participation
2 Basket Ball Competition Vinayak Kulkarni SYIF Participation


BOX Cricket Competition Raju Naybal


Viraj Jagtap,

Dynesh Bhonde

Ashraf Shaikh,

Sahil Satpute

TYIF Participation