Special Achievements

In the Academic Year 2018-19, a project group of TYCE students have shown their talent by finding solution for a social problem of water treatment. Through this project, polytechnic students not only shown their creativity but they also proven their dedication towards society.  Siddhesh Wagh, Amruta Vavale, Vaishnavi Annelli, Ritesh Mahale, Akash Panchal, Unmesh Kalane and project guide Mrs. Gauri Deshpande, this team worked for a unit naming “Magic Soak Pit” which reduces pollution level of sullage water up to 65 to 70 % and the effluent is useful for gardening and agricultural purpose. The unit is economical and very useful in rural area. The International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology have published a research paper for above project. Students also took a trophy of winner in three state level competitions. Maharashtra Times ( 2nd March 2019) given a real exposure of students effort by publishing an article for “Magic Soak Pit”.