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Training Activity

Soft Skills

Studying takes you on a path towards acquiring hard skills – the specific technical skills you need to do your job effectively. While these are the skills you’ll list on your CV, today’s employers seek more than this. Increasing importance is being placed on soft skills – personal attributes that enable you to interact well with other people. Here are the reasons why soft skills are more important than ever:

  1. Hard Skills are incomplete without Soft Skills
  2. Soft Skills are harder to learn
  3. The Modern workplace is interpersonal
  4. Customers demand Soft Skills
  5. The future workplace will rely on Soft Skills

So, we provide the soft skill training to our student  as per the syllabus is given below:

First Year
First Semester Second Semester
Second Year
Third Semester Fourth Semester
Third Year
Fifth Semester Six Semester
Professional Counselling

The institute provides professional counseling in collaboration with Institute of Holistic Healing India, Pune. A professional counselor is available on a regular basis in the Institute for three hours per day. They provide counseling services on academic and non-academic issues. The counseling is a specialist confidential interaction service that is provided through the professional counselors to the students who experience psychological distress. The Counselors help them to achieve their academic goals and personal potentials.

This counseling facility is also available for the Teaching and non-teaching staff members of the institute. This helps everyone in their all-round development.


Due to effective mentoring systems, the following results are observed:

  1. The students are performing very well in their academics.
  2. The students are able to overcome their personal problems.
  3. They cope up with an emotional dilemma.
  4. The students are able to identify the area of interest which is beneficial for their career development.
Staff and Student Counselling by Professional counselor

We also invite Industrial Experts to deliver the guest lectures on different topics. Some of them are as follows:

Sr.No. Topic and Duration of workshop(Dates) Name of Resource person Organization
1.  Career Guidance-SAP Training Programme Divyabhavu Rana R Solutions Pvt Ltd
2.  Entrepreneurship Awareness Program Mr. Sunil Mirashi divine Corporation,  Pune
3.  Guest Lecture on “Career Opportunities in Industry” Mr. R. M. Bhendegave Glyphisoft Technology
Soultions Pvt Ltd Pune
4.  Guest Lecture on “Abroad Study” Shailaja Sharma Overseas Education and IELTS Training
5.  Guest Lecture on “Ethical Hacking” Mr. Satish Singh SYSAP Pune
Guest Lecture on “Career Opportunities in Industry” Guest Lecture on “Career Guidance-SAP Training Programme”
Guest Lecture on “Abroad Study”- Overseas Education and IELTS Training