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Success Stories

AISSMS Polytechnic by Mr. Sanket Patil

Mr. Sanket Patil Diploma passed out year:2009 “As long as you are not 100, you are young and should always take every opportunity to learn something new” Studying at AISSMS opened my mind to the many things this world has to offer. It was a world of new ideas and [...] Read more...

Stories Behind The Shining Gems Of AISSMS Polytechnic

Mr. Suhas Awale Alumnus- AISSMS Polytechnic Mr. Suhas Awale, an alumnus of AISSMS Polytechnic, completed his Diploma in Information Technology in 2014. As a student, he considered his college experiences as opportunities of expanding his awareness of Information Technology. He constantly involved himself in curricular activities and gained insights into […]