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Year of Formation

Faculty Adviser IEI Students Chapter

Name Prof. A, N. Gedam
Designation Lecturer
Qualifications ME (Computer Engineering)
Specialization Machine Learning, Deep Learning 
Experience Teaching: 19 Years


AISSMS Polytechnic has IEI Students Chapter ((411001/AISP) .At present Prof. A. N. GEDAM, Lecturer in Computer Engineering Department acting as a Faculty Adviser. It was established in the year 14th Feb. 2018. The IEI Students Chapter and Technical Activity Cell at AISSMS Polytechnic is formed to focus on overall development of students and imbibing qualities of leadership, organisational management, teamwork, marketing, publicity etc. The objective is to motivate students for dissemination of theoretical knowledge in context of actual applications and learning recent techniques with professional applicability.

Privileges of Student Members attached to student Chapters of Polytechnic 


1 Opportunity to participate in technical events e.g. Seminar, Symposia, Conventions, Workshops etc. organized by IEI State/Local Centres
2 Participation in various Technical Activities of the students’ chapter
3 Access to library facilities at State/Local Centres of the Institution across the country
4 Opportunity to meet fellow engineers for professional interaction.
5 Reimbursement of travelling expenses to students selected for presentation of technical papers in Technicians’/Students’ Convention of IEI.
6 85 nos of Scholarships of Rs 7,15,000/- given to the engineering meritorious students attached to the different Student chapter.
7 Dr Amitava Bhattacharyya Memorial Trophy to be awarded to three Best Engineering College Students’ Chapters and three Best Polytechnics students Chapters are annually awarded the certificate, plaque and Rs 20,000/-, Rs 15,000/- and Rs 10,000/- in each category respectively
8 Best three technical papers presented in the Seminar and Technical Sessions by student members of Polytechnic Students’ Chapters are awarded in the Annual Convocation and Technicians’/ Students’ Convention.
9 The Students’ Chapter Newsletter is distributed amongst the Chapter members which is sent to the Advisers. IEI Students’ Chapter Newsletter may be also browsed through
10 B P Kapadia Memorial Prizes and upto Rs 27,000/- to be awarded to the best three participants in Technical Session and Seminar during Student chapters’ convention of Engineering College, Polytechnic Colleges and Technician Chapter separately.
11 EnggTalks has been launched for student chapter members as community to interact amongst the engineering fraternity the same may be browsed through .
12 The Students’ Chapters may participate in Regional Conclave to be organized in the emerging field of engineering by engineering college and polytechnic region wise.

AISSMS Polytechnic IEI Students Chapter Department Coordinators: 

Sr. No.  Name of Faculty Department 
1 Prof. A. N. Gedam Computer Engineering
2 Prof. A. B. Stuar Mechanical Engineering
3 Prof. K. D. Waghmare Civil Engineering
4 Prof. Mrs. C. M. Maind Electronics and Telecommunication
5 Prof. Mrs. R. B. Gurav Information Technology
6 Prof. D. C. Pardeshi Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
7 Prof. M. S. Bhave Automobile Engineering 

List of Students Members with students Chapter Membership No. AY 2023-24

Sr. No. Students Name Department IIE Students Chapter Membership No.
1 TERKAR GAURI HEMANT Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00265
2 SANGLE VAISHNAVI SURESH Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00266
3 ANDURKAR RITESH ATUL Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00267
4 SURYAWANSHI AVISHKAR VISHNUDAS Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00268
5 DHAKNE DIPAK VISHNU Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00269
6 IRKAR KALYANI BALASAHEB Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00270
7 PAWAR SUYASH LAXMAN Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00271
8 WAGHMARE SANDESH RAOSAHEB Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00272
9 DESHMUKH SAKSHI NANASO Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00273
10 KAMBLE SAKSHI SUNIL Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00274
11 LANDGE UMA DEEPAK Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00275
12 DHALE JIVAN SHANKARRAO Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00276
13 KHADE HARSHAL PARSHURAM Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00277
14 BHOSALE ROHITKUMAR RAMDAS Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00278
15 RATHOD TANUJA SUBHASH Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00279
16 TALPALE PUNDALIK UMAKANT Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00280
17 SRISHTI PAWAR Computer Engineering 411001/AISP/00281
18 HUMBE AAKANKSHA ANKUSH Information Technology 411001/AISP/00282
19 JADHAV SANTOSH GANESH Information Technology 411001/AISP/00283
20 JADHAV ATHARVA MAHENDRA Information Technology 411001/AISP/00284
21 PAITHANKAR SHARDDHA DNYANESHWAR Information Technology 411001/AISP/00285
22 SHINDE ABHAY RAMDAS Information Technology 411001/AISP/00286
23 SHELAR PALLAVI RAJENDRA Information Technology 411001/AISP/00287
24 LONE ARYAN NAGESH Information Technology 411001/AISP/00288
25 KOTWAL VAIBHAV MOHAN Information Technology 411001/AISP/00289
26 GHAVRI SIDDHI VINOD Information Technology 411001/AISP/00290
27 KAREGAR SUCHIT SURESH Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00291
28 JAGTAP NIKHIL DATTATRAY Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00292
29 THAKARE ATHARVA PANKAJ Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00293
30 UCHIT ABHISHEK BHAUSAHEB Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00294
31 KHARDEKAR ATHARVA DATTATRAY Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00295
32 MANE SHUBHANKAR BALASAHEB Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00296
33 HANDAL MAYUR SUNIL Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00297
34 BHALSING SANKET RAJENDRA Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00298
35 PALLATH ANISH JAYARAJ Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00299
36 SHIGWAN ABHISHEK PRASHANT Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00300
37 SONPIR SHIVKAR ABHIMANYU Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00301
38 KODAPE NIRANJAN VINOD Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00302
39 BHONDE YASH ASHOK Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00303
40 BAGADE PRANAV CHANDRAKANT Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00304
41 RAJE OMKAR SHRIKANT Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00305
42 KARLI SAIPRANYUD BALRAJ Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00306
43 HEGADKAR ATUL BIRUDEV Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00307
44 SHELAR SNEHAL SANJAY Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00308
45 GAIKWAD VINEET VISHAL Mechanical Engineering 411001/AISP/00309
46 BAGAL BALAJI ANAND Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00310
47 VAIDYA SOUMIL PRASHANT Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00311
48 KIRAD BHOOMI VIRENDRA Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00312
49 GARJE PRANAV SUNIL Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00313
50 KHAIRE PRANAV DIPAK Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00314
51 SOLKAR ANIRUDH DATTARAM Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00315
52 LOHAR RUTUJA RATAN Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00316
53 PAWAR PRATHAMESH PRAMOD Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00317
54 TAMBE NISHA YUVRAJ Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. 411001/AISP/00318
55 BODKHE PRITI MACHCHHINDRA Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning 411001/AISP/00319
56 JADHAV ANIKET SANJAY Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning 411001/AISP/00320
57 JADHAV APURVA DIPAK Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning 411001/AISP/00321
58 KAMBLE SUMIT SANJAY Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning 411001/AISP/00322
59 MORE NIDHI PRAVIN Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00323
60 PAWAR PRASHANT SAUDAGAR Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00324
61 TELANGI ANISH GANESH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00325
62 KAWALE VISHAL PRAMOD Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00326
63 BODDAWAR AJAY SANTOSH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00327
64 NAIK YASH UMESH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00328
65 NAIK AVANUSH SANTOSH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00329
66 GAIKWAD YASHDEEP SUNIL Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00330
67 SHELKE YASH SANTOSH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00331
68 KHEDKAR LALIT GANESH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00332
69 PARTE MUKUND GOPAL Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00333
70 GAIKWAD MANSI RUPESH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00334
71 SHIKHARE DIVYA DATTATRAYA Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00335
72 DHIWAR PRANAV DHARMA Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00336
73 KUTE OM VIKRAM Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00337
74 PARVE SIDRA ASHFAQUE Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00338
75 NAGINE AMEY SACHIN Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00339
76 BHORDE SANSKRUTI SANTOSH Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00340
77 KALBHOR SHRINATH ANIL Civil Engineering 411001/AISP/00341
78 PARDESHI PURAB RAJESH Automobile Engineering 411001/AISP/00342
79 GHODE NISHANT GAJANAN Automobile Engineering 411001/AISP/00343
80 KARAD VINAYAK DATTU Automobile Engineering 411001/AISP/00344
81 BESALE TANISHQ GANESH Automobile Engineering 411001/AISP/00345
82 PAREKH NAMAN KIRTIKUMAR Automobile Engineering 411001/AISP/00346

IEI Student Chapters


The IEI Students Chapter and Technical Activity Cell at AISSMS Polytechnic is formed to focus on overall development of students and imbibing qualities of leadership, organisational management, teamwork, marketing, publicity etc. The objective is to motivate students for dissemination of theoretical knowledge in context of actual applications and learning recent techniques with professional applicability.

Department Coordinators

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Department
1. Mr. A. N. Gedam Computer Engineering
2. Mr. A. B. Stuar Mechanical Engineering
Automobile Engineering
3. Mrs. R. B. Gurav Information Technology
4. Mrs. C. M. Maind Electronics and Telecommunication
Instrumentation Engineering
5. Mr. K. D. Waghmare Civil Engineering


  1. Establishment of Chapters
  2. Updating the member list
  3. Organization of activities

Activities carried out by the Students’ Chapter

  1. Guest/expert lectures
  2. Workshops for students
  3. Seminars
  4. Industrial visits/Technical visits for students
  5. Short Term Training Programs
  6. Social Program
  7. Science Exhibition (Technical Projects in all the Departments)
  8. Intra and Inter Department Competitions
  9. Career Counselling and Competitive Examinations
  10. Soft-skill/leadership programs
  11. Programs on Entrepreneurship Development
  12. Aptitude Test, Group Discussion, Technical Test and Mock Personal interviews for students on campus recruitment.

Success stories of IE (I) Students’ Chapter

The students’ chapter of our institute has grand success story.

  • Every Department organizes variety of events/activities/competitions for the students.
  • Annual reports are sent to IE (I) national body for the best Students’ Chapter award in response to the national body’s notice.
  • All India students’ committee (AISC) elected our student Ms. Aishwarya Dhahitule from Second Year Computer Engineering Department as a Student Convener for Academic Year 2018-19.
  • A. N. Geadam is nominated for Election of three representatives of Advisers in AISC 2019-20.

Mr. A. N. Gedam
Faculty Adviser