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I-Scheme Curriculum

Branch / Year First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester Fifth Semester Six Semester
Automobile Engineering
Common for All 1I
Civil Engineering  CE2I  CE3I  CE4I  CE5I  CE6I
Computer Engineering  CO2I  CO3I  CO4I  CO5I  CO6I
Electronics & Telecommunication  EJ2I  EJ3I  EJ4I  EJ5I  EJ6I
Information Technology  IF2I  IF3I  IF4I  IF5I  IF6I
Instrumentation Engineering IS2I  IS3I IS4I IS5I IS5I
Mechanical Engineering  ME2I  ME3I  ME4I  ME5I  ME6I
Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning  AN2I  AN3I  AN4I Coming Soon