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Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering which involves the building of various structures like Roads, Railways, Airports, Tunnels, Aqueducts, Dams, Retaining walls, canals, culverts, Buildings, Water tanks, Water supply lines, Drainage lines etc. It involves planning Design, construction maintenance, and management of structures.

Civil Engineering Department of AISSMS ‘S Polytechnic aims at developing analytical and experimental skills in students to apply in various fields of Civil Engineering.

The Civil Department has well-qualified teaching faculties with industrial experience who are enthusiastic in imparting the quality teaching to the students. The emphasis is laid on a proper understanding of the fundamentals of the subjects through animation, video clips, and case studies. It has well-equipped laboratories, computational facilities; modern classrooms and provides a good environment for learning. Many senior faculty members are also engaged in research and consultancy projects which benefit the students for active learning. The department also has its own library housing a good number of quality reference books for the benefit of staff and students.

I am certain that our students will prove to be an invaluable asset to an organization.