The objectives of MOU are:-

  1. To establish strong and meaningful linkages between the institution and industry.
  2. To share the expertise and experience.
  3. To provide support and facility for in plant training to students for practical awareness.

Benefits of MoU:

  1. Facilitate industrial visits, Guest Lecture and student project.
  2. Consultancy.
Collaborations with Industries.
1 Soham Sumy Developers , Pune
2 A. S. Construction, Pune
3 Parshwanath Buildcon, Pune
4 Chintamani Construction, Pune
5 Balaji Infra and RMC, Pune


Details of Activities under MOU
Sr.No. Academic Year Date Industry Person and Name of Industry Activity Conducted
1 2021-22 6 weeks –In plant training in summer Mr. M. B. Bankar
Soham GroupMr. A. S. Sathe
Chintamani Construction
In plant Training
2 2020-21 6 weeks –In plant training in summer Mr. M. B. Bankar
Soham Group
In plant Training
3 2019-20 03/08/2019 Mr.Kodre
Balaji Infra and RMC
Site visit for  RMC plant
4 2018-19 06/02/2019 Mr.M.B.Bankar
Soham Group
Expert Lecture on Carrier Guidance
06/02/2019 Mr.A.S.Sathe
Chintamani Construction
Expert Lecture on Carrier Guidance
18/02/2019 and 20/02/2019 Ref.Mr.Mehboob Baig
Site visit for R.C.C.
14/05/2019 to 26/06/2019 Mr.Prince Ojas Jangda
Parshwanath Buildcon
Soham Group
Chintamani Construction
6 weeks In plant Training in Summer 2018-19
5 2017-18 27/02/2018 Mr.M.B.Bankar
Soham Group
Judge for Micro Project Competition


MOU With Mr. M.B. Bankar, Soham Group

MOU With Mr. Prince Ojas Jangada, Parshwanath Buildcon

MOU With A.S. Construction


Activities conducted with Industry:-


Mr M.B.Bankar- (Director- Soham Sumy Developers, Pune) worked as Judge in project competition held in 2017-2018. Industrial Visit arranged on A.S. Construction site


Industrial Visit arranged on Chintamani Construction, Pune site Industrial Visit arranged on Balaji Infra and RMC Pune