Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Experience Qualification Email id Profile
1. Mrs. A. S. Khandagale Head of
23 years ME (Comp) askhandagale@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
2. Mrs. S. A. Shete Lecturer 17 years ME (Comp) sashete@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
3. Mrs. V. R. Palndurkar Lecturer 17 years ME (Comp) vrpalandurkar@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
4. Mr. S. S. Sonawane Lecturer 17 years ME (Comp) sssonawane@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
5. Mr. V. V. Shetkar Lecturer 16 years ME(Comp, Appearing) vvshetkar@aissmspoly.org.in Profile LinkedIn Profile
6. Mrs. Rohini B. Gurav Lecturer 14 years BE (CSE), ME (IT) rbgurav@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
7. Dr. Archana Santosh Ubale Lecturer 17 years Phd (Electronics and communication ),
ME (Electronics and (Telecommunication), BE (Electronics)
asubale@aissmspoly.org.in Profile