Social Activities

Visit to Bal Kalyan Sanstha, Pune

“To achieve excellence in technological and social aspects of automobile engineering” is the vision of Automobile Engineering Department. We expect our students and staff should understand importance of social responsibility .For achieving this purpose, our department students, all teaching and non-teaching staff visited a social organisation Bal Kalyan Sanstha located on Ganesh Khind Road, near Raj Bhavan in Pune.

This organisation has been existing since last 40 years. There are several schools working for handicapped children in Pune. The children from these school come once in a week in this Bal Kalyan Sanstha .They learn several skills and arts, perform various indoor and outdoor sports activities and spend their time happily in the beautiful campus of this organisation. Every day a different group of handicapped children comes to the organisation.

We went there on Saturday 02/03/2024 in afternoon. The in charge staff over there navigated with us in the whole campus and gave us all detailed information about the Bal Kalyan Sanstha. Our students distributed biscuits to the children.

From this activity students learned that they should have consideration towards differently abled persons. “We are fortunate that we got human body free from any type of handicap. We should have consideration and helpful positive attitude towards other sections of Society.” Many students and staff members have given such type of feedback to us after the visit. This visit created some social awareness in minds of our students and staff members also. That was the outcome of this visit.

Following are few photographs of this visit, showing group of students and staff at entrance of organisation, staff and students distributing biscuits to the children.