We started our journey in the year of 2004.Over years, shelter, water & communications have remained always on priority in national planning. To overcome all problems of population and urbanization in infrastructural development, role of civil engineer is of prime importance even in era of IT.

Civil Engineering is the oldest Engineering Discipline after Military Engineering It is traditionally broken into different disciplines including Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Material Engineering, Survey Engineering and Construction Engineering.

Civil Engineering takes places at all levels in the public sector and private sector. Civil engineers will always be needed to maintain and repair existing facilities and structures and to construct new ones.


  • Department work with aim- “To be the Source-head of new ideas and innovations in Civil Engineering and offering world class professional knowledge as well as leadership in civil engineering to students.”
  • Department is always keen to provide opportunity for students to have practical field exposure on the civil engineering jobs.
  • Faculty is always ready to produce academically sound, disciplined and competent engineer who will become principals in the industries associated with civil engineering and professional engineers‟ starting-up and growing their own new firms.
  • With academic, department encourages students to show their talent in various extra-classroom activities.
  • The department presently has highly qualified and experienced staff on its role. The department has well equipped laboratories on the following subjects.
    • Surveying
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Strength of material
    • Soil Mechanics
    • Concrete Technology


  • The experts say there is a high demand for experienced civil engineers in developed countries.
  • Civil Engineers can find job in Government departments, private and public sector industries, research and teaching institutions etc. Job opportunities for civil engineers are expected to increase as fast as the average for all jobs, although the construction industry is vulnerable to fluctuations in the economy.
  • Civil Engineering students have ample opportunities in: State /Central Government Jobs , the railways, private construction companies, military, engineering services, consultancy services, road projects, building work, consultancy firms, quality testing laboratories or housing societies.
  • IES (Indian Engineering Services), WRD (Water Resources Department), PSU (Public Sector Units), PWD (Public Works Department), Real estate sector ,Self-employment as well as best carrier options in abroad.