Stories Behind The Shining Gems Of AISSMS Polytechnic

Mr. Suhas Awale
Alumnus- AISSMS Polytechnic

Mr. Suhas Awale, an alumnus of AISSMS Polytechnic, completed his Diploma in Information Technology in 2014. As a student, he considered his college experiences as opportunities of expanding his awareness of Information Technology. He constantly involved himself in curricular activities and gained insights into the fundamental aspects of computer science. He made honest efforts to understand the mathematics of engineering and the application of information technology. He was focused on his academic life just as much as he concentrated on various club events. The balance he sought in his life as a polytechnic engineering student is an exceptional case of I.T. excellence.



“Polytechnic Education equips the aspiring computer engineers with information that is core to technical developments.”


Mr. Suhas Awale attributes his institutional activities to the propagation of technical success instilled with human values. He strongly believes that bettering ourselves as human beings is as important as contributing to technological evolution. He approached his curriculum challenges with an innate passion for computers and the science surrounding them. He continuously attempted to seek precision in practical technical activities and written technical sessions. His participation in numerous technical fairs of AISSMS Polytechnic College proved to be worthy endeavors of technical proficiency. Those fairs gave him the exposure needed to organize hi-tech events and managing the collective issues encircling them.

Mr. Suhas truly enjoyed the fun field trips that occurred during his term of diploma. He learned how to push his existing boundaries of growth by taking other productive educational trips of polytechnic too. Through them, he figured out smarter methods of applying his technical skills in factual environments. He suggests that listening attentively to all the teachers of polytechnic is a sure-fire method of achieving ranks in semesters. His participation in different institutional and inter-institutional activities reflects his motivations for excelling at the goals of technical engineering. He visited several MNCs and industrial junctions to gain real-world observations of technical commerce.

Mr. Suhas Awale involved himself in numerous blood donation camps that promoted charity in the state of Maharashtra. The Clean City – Green City Mission, Tree plantation camp increased his consciousness in the field of eco-friendly transformations. He further went ahead and founded Splaso Technology in Pune. His Technical Firm is always helpful to AISSMS Polytechnic meetings. Recently, Splaso Technologies organized a “Virtual Visit” for the Information Technology Department of AISSMS. The Virtual Visit was a well-planned program of spreading awareness of Cyber Security & Demonstration of Tools. The virtual demonstration was an informative session for 2nd and 3rd-year students of AISSMS Polytechnic. Apart from that, he is engaged in a variety of software development ventures in association with technically modern companies. AISSMS Polytechnic appreciates his service to education and wishes him a great future in technology.