AISSMS Polytechnic by Mr. Sanket Patil

Mr. Sanket Patil
Diploma passed out year:2009

“As long as you are not 100, you are young and should always take every opportunity to learn something new”

Studying at AISSMS opened my mind to the many things this world has to offer. It was a world of new ideas and new understanding. It was the opportunity to mix with students from different States and some professors as well. Also, it gave me tools to work to change what I felt was wrong.

I planed on gaining additional skills by taking related classes and continuing my involvement with a variety of professional associations. I noticed that AISSMS provides in-house training for employees, and I took all relevant classes.

I was continued with my professional development by participating in conferences, attending seminars, and continuing my education when I was with AISSMS. Today I am working as a project manager in a very reputed organization called Infosys Pvt ltd.