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Years Sr. No. Topic and Duration of  Workshop (dates) Name of Resource person Organization
2016-17 1 Art of Living-Center for skill development for employability and Entrepreneurship, 22-07-2016 to 09-08-2016 Sri Sri Rural Development trust team Sri Sri Rural Development trust, Pune
2 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp, 18-07-2016 to 20-07-2016 Mr. Sunil Mirashi Divine Corporation, Training and Consultancy
3 Personality Development, 10 to 15 -11-2016 IHHI team Institute of Holistic Healing India Pune
4 Youth Employability Initiative Program, 07-07-2016 to 09-08-2916 Art of Living and Barclays team Art of Living and Barclays
5 In plant training drive, 10-12-2016 Opulent Software employees Opulent Software Ltd, Pune
6 Soft Skill, 19 and 20-01-2017 Mahindra Pride school team Mahindra Pride school


Guest Lecture::
Years Sr. No. Topic & Date Name of Resource person Organization
2016-17 1 Entrepreneurship Development
20 & 25/01/2017
Ms. Rohini Kelapure Soft Skills Development
2 Software Testing
Ms. Kalpna Dua Industrial Project
3 Awareness of jobs after Diploma
Ms.Sayali Jagtap. ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.
4 Advanced Tools in PC Maintenance
Narendra G. Girme Computer Info. Tech. Pvt. Ltd
5 Personality Development and professional skills
30/12/2016 -09/01/2017
Mrs. Medha Kadam Institute of Holistic Healing India, Pune
6 Personality Development and professional skills-Tress Management
22/12/2016 -23/12/2016
Mrs. Sfurti Kane Institute of Holistic Healing India, Pune
7 Road to True Success
Mr. C. S. Potnis Founder & MD, Nitor Infotech, Pune
8 Agile Development
Ms.Sayali Jagatap ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.
2015-16 1 Study Techniques and Career Guidance 18/2/2016, Mr. S.N.Mharasale Mr. S.N.Mharasale
2 Group discussion and Interview Techniques
Mr. Deepak Landge Mr. Deepak Landge
3 Entrepreneurship Awareness
Mr. Ravindra Nawathe Mr. Ravindra Nawathe
4 Project Management
Mr. Anil Jadhav Mr. Anil Jadhav
5 Interpersonal communication
Seed Infotech team Seed Infotech
6 Cisco networking
Mr. Ashok Pattar Cisco networking
2014-15 1 Soft skills
Ms. Shweta Shukla, Ms. Akanksha Narayan Cummins Technology India ltd.Pune
2 Soft skills


Suresh siddiah & Team Cummins Technology India ltd.Pune
3 Career Planning
Bhushan Kelkar Mobistutra
Koushtaubh Kawre, IT consultant
4 Personality Development and soft skills
Seed Infotech team Seed Infotech
5 Employability Skills
Mr. Ashok Patkar Mr. Ashok Patkar
6 Software technology excellence Program 06.01.2015 Ms. Trushali Hinduja
Ms. Sayali Jagtap
ThoughtWorks, Yerwada, Pune


Industrial Visit::
Years Date of visit Venue of visit Purpose of visit Class and subject Name of staff conducted visit Photos of visit
2016-17 1 22/07/2016 Imedita Learing solution Ltd TYCO,NMA Mrs.P.P.Bastawade.
Mrs. H.A. Shinde.
2 19/10/2016 Opulent Software solution SYCO,RDM,DSU Mr.A.N.Gedam.
Mrs.V. R.Sonar.
3 17/01/2017 Radiation Unit SYCO, EVS Mrs.V.C.Sanap.
4 23/02/2017 Police Wireless M.S, Dr. homi bhabha road,chavan nagar SYCO,DCN Mr.A.N.Gedam
Mrs. H.A. Shinde
2015-16 1 26/09/2015 Inevitable Solutions TYCO, Java and OS Mrs.V.C.Sanap
Mrs.V. R.Sonar
2 09/10/2016 Central Water and Power Research Station SYCO,PPF Mrs.V. R.Sonar
3 12/02/2016 Police wireless TYCO,NMA,CSE Mrs.P.P.Bastawade
Mrs. H.A. Shinde
4 02/02/2016 ADGM(R),IMD SYCO,EVS Mrs.V.C.Sanap
Mrs.V. R.Sonar


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