Reading: An Appropriate Practice

Reading: An Appropriate Practice

Hemlata A Shinde,
Lecturer at AISSM'S Polytechnic

“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, as rightly said, our body needs healthy food for its sustenance, so that we live longer and better. Nonetheless, what about our mind; in what way does it work and in what way can we make it improved. As maximum educated individuals in the domain would trust, reading a book is psychological nourishment. Whatsoever compassionate of books we read; it continuously offers approximately generous of nourishment to our brain. Factually, reading started on this earth approximately 5000 centuries back and there was no appropriate verbal then. Individuals in that era read merely symbols that were scribbled but were fixed to show a particular procedure. Progressively in a little year when the brains started increasing, there were more symbols and codes to communicate and hence there was extra material to be shared. Therefore, writing was developed and the fixed linguistic was invented. In older eras, reading was considered as an inaudible and inactive activity and writing was considered as a greater talent, due to lack of literature across the world. However, that does not hold correct currently, as we believe reading is one of the best investments one can make in lifetime.

Methodically, when we read, we use our right brain which is not typically energetic. That means whatsoever actions that we do in our day-to-day routine are all left-brain actions, which does not need ample energy. But if you trigger your right brain through your reading, it may work miracles for you. You can make unexpected use of your right brain and realize many inordinate effects in your lifespan. For example, you can score outstandingly in your exams, or can progress or learn any novel ability, linguistic or skill speedily.


Reading increases your information and thus grows your desire for discovering novel effects. Reading offers you psychological harmony then fulfillment; in a way it joins you to a diverse world that you can relish and practice through a manuscript.

Reading Fiction can transport you to a world of fancy. You just have to pick the world you would want to go to.

Reading Non-Fiction can help you grow your own character and help you attain whatever and all that you wish. Complete organization, individual discipline and set goals and reaching them step by step, Books impart you to be truthful, modest and merciful. You can be helpers with books; they teach you all you want to study in lifetime. They help you acquire victory in lifetime both on individual and profession front. To attain theoretical achievement and attain all pleasure, psychological strength, victory, positivity and information, you must inculcate a practice of reading habitually for at-least an hour a day. Books have got secreted assets in form of information, pictures and understandings that no one can ever take away from you. Edge yourself with lot of reading resources; boost yourself to pick diverse types every time you finish a selected one. Habit skill cleverly to increase your reading skills. Read as much as you can and become the unique.