MOBILE PHONE: Pros and Cons


Mrs. Santoshi Shete,
Lecturer at AISSM'S Polytechnic

Mobile is a nonliving thing but it is dominating as superior authority over us. Mobile is an electronic small device but it has more power in performance. With the help of the internet, we can search for new technology apps, information, knowledge about all environments. To cell phones, we can easily communicate with our relatives. Process and the fastening of new technology is the reason so attracting towards the mobile and the attraction is converting to addiction. And that addiction is very harmful to our health and relationship also. How it is the person who is long since we are connecting but Our nearest person is away from us because we are not talking to each other because of mobile, we are not getting time to talk with each other we are giving or spending time with mobile all are spending time of social media due to the mobile so we are not properly communicating each other.

Mobile addiction to having children, old agers, teenagers. Before Long time grandmothers tell the story of Ramayana’s Mahabharat, chetkin, rajarani’s to our grandchild but today’s grandmother continuously taking on mobile and sitting in one corner of the house spending time on mobile chatting. All these things happening due to mobile. Working parents are coming home and sit and with mobile do not spend their time with children. Placing mobile phone under the pillow or on the bed at night is very common, especially, among teenagers that cause big incident will happen for example blasting of batteries and brain hammering because mobile having high frequencies. They are addicted to reply to the messages or notifications instantly regardless of the time of the day, essential or trivial. Using the phone late night causes a distraction to their thoughts and sleep. Their mind is not relaxed, and it increases the stress level. It can also lead to psychological disorders in some cases. Every technology having boons or drawbacks it depends on u how it takes.