Making Carrier In Engineering? Think About Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a basic branch of engineering, aims in utilizing natural and locally available resources for the benefit of society. Civil engineering has a wide range of branches like Surveying and levelling, Building planning and construction, Advanced construction, Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Water resource engineering, Transportation engineering, Environmental engineering, Haudraulics, Town Planning. A civil engineer can work as Valuer (in a bank for valuation of real properties) and as an Arbitrator.

The knowledge of civil engineering is useful in satisfying all the three basic needs of a human being like

  • FOOD- Construction of dams and canals
  • CLOTHING-Construction of factories
  • SHELTER-Construction of a house

Functions of Civil Engineer can be divided in to 1) Before construction 2) During construction and 3) After construction

Before the construction-Feasibility study, surveying, site investigation, planning, design and drawing & detailing, estimating, planning and scheduling.
During construction-Consulting engineer, Execution and supervision, Quality control
After construction-Maintenance and repairs, valuation.
Considering the wide scope for Civil Engineering one should select Civil engineering as a carrier.

Mr. Anturkar
AISSMS polytechnic