Keeping Students Upright with the Latest Trends

Keeping Students Upright with the Latest Trends

Prof. S. K. Giram
Principal, AISSMS Polytechnic

The industry trends are shifting rapidly, and it has become crucial for students to stay abreast with these trends in order to mark their strong presence in the industry.

Our endeavour at AISSMS Polytechnichas always been to keep students updated of the latest trends in their field to make them capable enough to take on the competitive industrial world with confidence.We take optimum care that our students have a strong foundation of fundamental skills and conceptual clarity in order to give them an edge over the others.

Every student graduating out of AISSMS Polytechnic is known for his strong grasp over the niche. Here’s how we work for the holistic development of the ourstudents.

A 360DegreeCurriculum

The AISSMS Polytechnicleave no stone unturned to enhance the foundational knowledge of the students. Various activities for this purpose are conducted on a regular basis. Students are given apt exposure to the industry through industrials visits, lectures by experts and technical workshops. Students are also encouraged to participate in industrial projects and technical exhibitions. Students at AISSMS Polytechnic alsoparticipate and present in various paperpresentations on latest technology and trends.

Sculpting a Holistic Personality

We at AISSMS Polytechnic believe that students must aim towards developing a holistic personality with a combination of sound technical and soft skills. Our institution takes efforts to shape the personality of our students not just as a professional but as an individual ready for all challenges of life. Students at AISSMS polytechnic are also guided and mentored for entrepreneurial skills that will make them self sustainable in the long run.

We emphasize on the fact that students should also learn about the market trends and develop their skills accordinglyfor their own overall development. Under our efforts of providing quality education to students, every faculty of AISSMS Polytechnic mentors a group of students in their professional journey and guides them towards shaping a bright career in the niche of their choice.

The various activities conducted at AISSMS Polytechnic for the holistic development of the students include:

  • Inter-collegecompetitions
  • Technical exhibition visits and other industrial visits
  • Skill Development workshops
  • Value added short term course & Certification
  • Participation in Technical paper presentation
  • Other College level activities

Our students participate in various competitions pertaining to their branches. These competitions are mainly organized by colleges and funded by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education.

We at AISSMS Polytechnic take optimum care that the student receives the most qualitative education under the able guidance of our experienced faculty. It gives us immense pride when our alumni establish their name in the industry and continue to associate with the institution to guide the coming generations.

AISSMS Polytechnic always strive towards bringing out the best in students and making the ready to take on the industrial world.