Engineering as a career: Scope and opportunities

Engineering as a career: Scope and opportunities

Prof. S. K. Giram
Principal, AISSMS Polytechnic

Despite the introduction of many new career options, engineering still remains one of the most sought-after courses. For all those who have zest to create new things and love to spend their time with the tools,Engineering is one of the best career options.

To build a career in Engineering it is important to have a strong technical base and an analytical ability.At AISSMS Polytechnic, constant efforts are made to hone the skills and knowledge of students besides academics, to make them successful engineers.

There is a wide scope in the field of engineering with number of opportunities for engineers today. With automation taking over the industrial world, students need to acquire suitable skills that will help them grasp the opportunities in the rapidly changing industries scenarios.

Here are the top opportunities present in the different realms of Engineering.

Opportunities in Computer/ IT Engineering:

The IT industry is growing at fast pace and new opportunities are being generated every moment. Students with an interest in software and coding can make a bright career in the IT industry if they hone themselves with a strong knowledge of the fundamental coding languages.

Here are the top opportunities currently present in the IT industry:

  • Applications programmer
  • Project manager (IT)
  • Database administrator
  • IT business analyst
  • Software quality assurance & testing
  • Information security officer
  • Software trainer; and many more

Opportunities in Automobile Engineering

The Indian auto industry is the 4th largest in the world and the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The automobile industry can offer a bright career to all students who have interest and passion for automotives.

Students with a background of Automobile Engineering have an array of opportunities including:

  • Automotive technician
  • Body & paint specialist
  • Automobile designer
  • Car dealership
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Car mechanic
  • Diesel mechanic; and many more

Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering opens gate to manifold of industries. Students can choose from an array of options and can build a career as per their interest and skills.

Here are the top opportunities in Mechanical Engineering:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Contracting civil engineer
  • Control and instrumentation engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Nuclear engineer ; and many more

Opportunities inCivil Engineering

Unlike what many believe, civil engineering has a wide scope and a lot of opportunities for students who are ready to work hard and develop the necessary skill set. The top opportunities in civil engineering include:

  • Building control surveyor
  • CAD technician
  • Consulting civil engineer
  • Contracting civil engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Estimator
  • Fire risk assessor
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Site engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Water engineer; and many more

Student scan also explore the entrepreneurial avenue and setup their own businesses in their respective fields. We at AISSMS Polytechnic constantly work towards building a holistic personality in our students to make them ready for all the opportunities that are presented to them.

Student can make a bright career in Engineering if they keep learning skills and keep exploring the industry. The AISSMS Polytechnic encourages all its students to take up new opportunities and learn new things in order to succeed in life.