Cyber Evolution

Mr. Farhan Attar,

Third Year, Information Technology AISSMS Polytechnic

“As Cyber Threats Evolve,

We need to Evolve as well”

Humans are innately unique from other living beings or machines because of our potentiality to use:

  • Communication: Language capability.
  • Creativity: Abstract inventiveness.
  • Critical Thinking: Reasoning and planning.

A similar thought that arises in every individual’s mind these days – How safe will I be in this Internet-trapped world? How safe is my information online?

The solution to all these questions can be achieved by having information about cybersecurity. Cyber Security will no longer employ as a codicil in the world of information technology. As companies leverage emerging trends and move more toward cloud computing, Cyber Security will become a critical business function and will be an integral business process. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Data Protections are real-life concerns that are continuously creeping to the forefront as media coverage of data breaches will affect our trust in brands. Making information security a functional necessity will place a business as a believable entity and ensure efficient delivery of products and services.

  • These aspects make cybersecurity an engaging challenge. Ultimately, cybersecurity is a fight between humans.
  • With enlightened threats, attackers and defenders use their unique ways of humanness — communication, creativity, and critical thinking — to find methods to achieve their goals. The most ruinous attacks are those that are unexpected.
  • In spite of this, we regularly continue to see security defenders push forward with the idea of not just bracing but replacing human beings with Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Best Ways to Avoid Cybercrime?

While a third of people don’t trust social media companies with their data and 63.5% increase in Cyber Crime cases Post-Digital India Movement, here are a few best practices to keep yourself away from being a victim of Cybercrime.

  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Use different passwords for different sites.
  • Use complicated passwords which do not consist of dictionary words – Use alphabets and numbers both to set up as passwords (Alpha-Numeric Passwords).
  • Make sure any of the old devices are completely destroyed if you don’t consume them anymore.
  • People don’t have to become victims; they can actually take some command themselves.

While Cyber Threat is not only a nightmare to common man, it could also be one of the worst nightmares for many renowned MNC’s.

One such victim was Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. They were impacted by the disruption of client services, revenue, and impact on margins.

On April 18, 2020, Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) Corporation, became a victim of the Maze ransomware cyber-attack, which resulted in service disruption of their clients. 

The tech giant disclosed the data breach on its website. It took various steps to contain the cybersecurity incident and confirmed its clients about the data breach and effective measures to take to further secure their systems. 

Throughout a ransomware data breach attack, attackers generally fill the company’s systems with the virus, purloin the data, and demand a certain ransom amount from the company to reinstate the data. But, in the case of the Cognizant Maze ransomware cyber-attack, attackers intimidated the company to pay the ransom amount or they would spread the breached information online.

Later, in May, CTS revealed that it paid a ransom amount of $50-70 million to cyber attackers to reinstate its services.

While we see an increase in cybercrime in our day-to-day lives it also creates more opportunities for budding aspirants to build their careers in the same.

The question is how well can you keep yourself updated with the latest trends and how securely can you make the experience user-friendly amongst the generations?

Go Give it a try!!