Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Hemlata A Shinde,

Lecturer at AISSM’S Polytechnic,


Artificial intelligence
In today’s world, technology is growing precisely reckless as different novel technologies are emerging day by day.
Now, a unique application of computer science has given rise to Artificial Intelligence that is equipped to generate a new rebellion in the biosphere by creating intellectual machines. Artificial Intelligence is currently active everywhere. It is now employed by a diversity of subfields, extending from all-purpose operations to precise tasks, such as self-driving cars, playing chess, proving theorems, playing music, painting, etc.
AI is one of the captivating and widespread fields of Computer science which shows countless opportunities in upcoming years. AI embraces an affinity to reason a machine to work as a human being.
Artificial Intelligence is composed of two words – Artificial and Intelligence, where Artificial defines “man-made,” and intelligence defines “thinking power”. Hence, AI means “a man-made thinking power.”
So, we can outline AI as:
“It is a branch of computer science by which we can create intelligent machines which can behave like a human, think like humans, and be able to make decisions.”
Artificial Intelligence occurs once a machine has human-based skills such as understanding, cognition, and the ability to resolve glitches.
With Artificial Intelligence you do not essentially need to preprogram a machine to do some task. In spite of that, you can generate a machine with automatic algorithms which can work with its own intelligence, and that is the awesomeness of AI.
It is supposed that AI is not a novel technology, and certain individuals even say that as per the Greek saga, “There were motorized males in initial eras that can work and perform like humans.”
Why Artificial Intelligence?
Before learning about Artificial Intelligence, we must recognize what the position of AI is and why we must study it. The following are certain main motives to study AI:
o By AI, you can generate software or strategies that can resolve everyday difficulties such as fitness problems, promotion, road traffic problems, etc. very effortlessly and with accuracy.
o Through AI, you can generate your private computer-generated Subordinate, such as Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.
o With AI, you can build Robots that can work in an atmosphere wherever the existence of individuals can be in danger.
o AI unlocks a track for further novel skills, novel plans, and novel chances.
What Comprises Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence is not just a portion of computer science, even though it’s so huge and needs tons of additional aspects which can subsidize it. To make the AI principal we must recognize that in what way cleverness is self-possessed, so the cleverness is an insubstantial portion of our intellect which is a mixture of Cognitive knowledge, problem-solving insight, linguistic accepting, etc.
To attain the above features for a machine or software, Artificial Intelligence needs the following discipline:
o Mathematics
o Biology
o Psychology
o Sociology
o Computer Science
o Neurons Study
o Statistics


Machine Learning

In the tangible domain, we are enclosed by individuals who can study all their involvements with their competent knowledge, and we have computers or machines which function on our commands. But can a machine also study from understandings or historical facts like a human does? Thus now comes the part of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is supposed to be a subset of artificial intelligence that is mostly concerned with the growth of algorithms which lets a computer study from the facts and previous experiences on their own. The term machine learning was mainly introduced by Arthur Samuel in 1959. We can outline it in a brief method as:

Machine learning allows a machine to robotically study from data, expand presentation from experiences, and forecast belongings deprived of existence openly automated.

Through the assistance of sample past data, which is recognized as training data, machine learning algorithms build a mathematical model that supports in making forecasts or results deprived of being openly automatic. Machine learning carries computer science and statistics composed for making analytical models. Machine learning builds or customizes the algorithms that study from past data. Additionally, we will deliver the material; the advanced will be the presentation.

A machine has the skill to study if it can recover its presentation by gaining additional facts.

In what way does Machine Learning work

A Machine Learning system discerns from past facts, figures the forecast models, and once it accepts novel facts, forecasts the output for it. The correctness of forecast output depends upon the quantity of factual data, as the enormous quantity of facts aids to build an improved model which forecasts the output more precisely.

Assume we have a multifaceted problem, where we want to do some forecasts, so in its place of writing a code for it, we just need to feed the data to generic algorithms, and with the assistance of these algorithms, machine figures the logic as per the facts and forecasts the output. Machine learning has changed our method of thinking around the problem.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the parts of computer science that are connected through both. These double skills are the most trending skills that are used for generating bright systems.

Though these are two connected skills and occasionally individuals practice them as a replacement for each other, still both are two dissimilar relations in numerous bags.


On an inclusive level, we can differentiate both AI and ML as:

Artificial Intelligence      

AI is a superior idea to make brainy machines that can pretend human intelligence ability and performance, while, machine learning is an application or subsection of AI that lets machines study from facts without being programmed openly.

Artificial intelligence is a ground of computer science that brands a computer system that can impressionist human intelligence. It is encompassed by two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence“, which means “a human-made intelligent control.” Henceforth we can describe it as,

Artificial intelligence is a skill using which we can make brainy systems that can pretend humanoid intellect.

The Artificial intelligence system does not need to be pre-programmed, instead, they use such algorithms that can make effort with their personal intelligence. It includes machine learning algorithms such as a Reinforcement learning algorithm and deep learning neural networks. AI is being used in numerous places such as Siri, Google, AlphaGo, AI in Chess playing, etc.

Machine learning

Machine learning revolves around removing information from the data. It can be defined as,

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence, which allows machines to study from historical facts or understandings deprived of existence that is openly automatic.

Machine learning allows a computer system to mark forecasts or yield certain choices by past facts deprived of existence openly automatic. Machine knowledge uses a huge quantity of organized and semi-structured facts so that a machine learning model can produce a correct outcome or stretch forecasts grounded on those facts.

Machine learning works on an algorithm that studies on its own using past facts. It works merely for precise fields such as if we are making a machine learning model to sense images of pups, it will merely stretch the outcome for pup pictures, nevertheless if we deliver a novel fact like kitten twin then it will become unresponsive. Machine learning is being cast off in numerous places like the online recommender system, for Google search algorithms, Email spam filter, Facebook Auto friend tagging proposal, etc.


AI comprises knowledge – cognitive and self-correction. ML comprises knowledge and self-correction when presented with novel data.