Sr. No Photo Name Designation Exp. Qualification Email id Profile
1.     Mr. S.C. Chikurde HOD 18 Yrs ME Mechanical scchikurde@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
2.    Mr. S.D. Ambatkar Sr.Lecturer 25 Yrs ME Mechanical sdambatkar@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
3.    Mr. D.V. Thakur Sr. Lecturer 24 Yrs ME Mechanical dvthakur@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
4.    Mr. K.K. Bokde Lecturer 24 Yrs ME Mechanical kkbokde@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
5.    Mr. M.J. Kadam Lecturer 25 Yrs BE Mechanical mjkadam@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
6.    Mr. R.D. Bhosale Lecturer 14 Yrs ME Mechanical rdbhosale@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
7.    Mr. A.B. Sutar Lecturer 13 Yrs ME Mechanical absutar@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
8.    Mr. S. S. Mane Lecturer 10 Yrs ME Mechanical ssmane@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
9.    Mrs. A.A. Deshpande Lecturer 10 Yrs ME ELECTRICAL aadeshpande@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
10.    Mr. G.M. Nagane Lecturer 10 Yrs ME Mechanical gmnagane@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
11. Mr. S.Y. Mali Lecturer 09 Yrs BE Mechanical symali@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
12. Mr. B.P. Patil Lecturer 1.5 Yrs ME Mechanical bppatil@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
13. Ms. P.M. Yerolkar Lecturer 1.5 Yrs BE Mechanical pmyerolkar@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
14. Mr. S. D. Pokharkar Lecturer 02 Yrs BE Mechanical sdpokharkar@aissmspoly.org.in Profile
15. Ms. S. S. Sawrate Lecturer 06 Months BE Mechanical sssawrate@aissmspoly.org.in Profile