Free Admission Counselling and Facilitation Center (D-6415)
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Counselling Activity

Professional Counselling

The institute provides professional counseling in collaboration with Institute of Holistic Healing India, Pune. A professional counselor is available on a regular basis in the Institute for three hours per day. They provide counseling services on academic and non-academic issues. The counseling is a specialist confidential interaction service that is provided through the professional counselors to the students who experience psychological distress. The Counselors help them to achieve their academic goals and personal potentials.

This counseling facility is also available for the Teaching and non-teaching staff members of the institute. This helps everyone in their all-round development.


Due to effective mentoring systems, the following results are observed:

  1. The students are performing very well in their academics.
  2. The students are able to overcome their personal problems.
  3. They cope up with an emotional dilemma.
  4. The students are able to identify the area of interest which is beneficial for their career development.
Type of Counselling : All-round development
Number of Counselor : 05 / Week
Number of students per Counselor: Max 04 per Counselor /Week
Frequency of Counsellor: 01/03 Hrs / Day

Some successful Stories: