Excellence From MSBTE
Institute codes : D6415 -1st shift
D6415 -2nd shift

List of laboratories:

Sr.No. Laboratory Name Lab In charge.


 Fluid Power Engineering Prof  D. V. Thakur


Theory of Machines Prof  A. B. Sutar


Thermal Engineering Prof. S.S.Mane


Metrology & Quality Control Prof  M. J. Kadam


Mechanical Measurement Prof  R. D. Bhosale


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Prof  S. D. Ambatkar


Automobile Engineering Prof  G. N. Nagne


Auto CAD Lab Prof  M. S. Bhave


Work Shop Prof  K. K. Bokde

Details of Laboratories:

Laboratory Name: Fluid Power Engineering
Location of laboratory: Room No. 111
Laboratory in charge: Prof  D. V. Thakur
Software Installed :
Equipments: Hydraulic bench, Pelton Turbine, Centrifugal pump.
Laboratory Name: Theory of Machines
Location of laboratory: Room no. 106
Laboratory in charge: Prof . A.B. Sutar
Software Installed :
Equipments: Hartnell Governor, Cam follower mechanisms, Gear models, Bearing models.
Laboratory Name: Thermal Engineering
Location of laboratory: Room no. 111
Laboratory in charge: Prof.S.S.Mane
Software Installed :
Equipments: Boiler models, I.C. Engine models, Two & Four stroke engine test rig, Valve models, Gas analyser.
Laboratory Name: Metrology & Quality Control
Location of laboratory: Room no. 110
Laboratory in charge: Prof  M. J. Kadam
Software Installed
Equipments: Profile projector, Sine bar, optical flat, slip gauges, verniers, micrometers.
Laboratory Name: Mechanical Measurement
Location of laboratory: Room no. 115
Laboratory in charge: Prof. R.D. Bhosale
Software Installed :
Equipments: Rotameter, temperature calibration, Load cell, stroboscope, Level measurement setup.
Laboratory Name: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Location of laboratory: Room no. 108
Laboratory in charge: Prof  S. D. Ambatkar
Software Installed :
Equipments: Ice plant test rig, Vapour compression cycle test rig, Window A/C test rig, Heat exchanger model, Refrigerator model.
Laboratory Name: Automobile Engineering
Location of laboratory: Room no. 111
Laboratory in charge: Prof  G. N. Nagne
Software Installed :
Equipments: Gear box model, steering mechanisms, Shock absorber models, All engine parts.
Laboratory Name: Auto CAD Lab
Location of laboratory: Room no. 105
Laboratory in charge: Prof  M. S. Bhave
Software Installed : AutoCAD 2010, Autodesk.
Equipments: Personal Computers (21 numbers) , Laser A3 size printer.
Laboratory Name: Work Shop
Location of laboratory: Room no. 109
Laboratory in charge: Prof  K. K. Bokde
Software Installed :
Equipments: All geared lathe machines, CNC Milling machine, Power hacksaw machine, Shaper machine.