Excellence From MSBTE
Institute codes : D6415 -1st shift
D6415 -2nd shift


“To contribute the Nation and the Society through excellence in scientific and technical education with strong ethics for enhancement of humanity.”


M1: To provide academic programs, services, facilities and technologies within the realm of the curricula of the affiliating Board that offers diverse opportunities for learning.

M2: To develop cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills in students.

M3: To promote the value of ethical behavior, responsibility and commitment.

M4: To improve the human values and sustain the heritage of nations and society.



PEO1: Prepare student with practical knowledge of instrumentation engineering
PEO2: Enable student to analyze, test and troubleshooting of instrumentation based electronic system.
PEO3: Encourage student to participate in extra-curricular activities for their overall development
PEO4: Motivate student for higher studies, entrepreneurship and leadership.