Vision / Mission / PEO


“Enhance skills by providing value based technical education for fulfilling global needs in the field of computer engineering.”


M1: To provide quality education in computer engineering by improving psychomotor
M2: To develop positive attitude, communication skills, team spirit, and entrepreneurship.
M3: To develop awareness about societal and ethical responsibility for professionalism.


   After completion of the Diploma in Computer Engineering, students will be able to:

PEO 1: To become a competent engineer in computer industries to work as a programmer or an administrator in a team or as an individual.

PEO 2: To communicate effectively among the stakeholders like employers, employees, customers and in the society.

PEO 3: To pursue higher studies in a relevant field of engineering with a desire for lifelong learning.

PEO 4: To Become a successful professional with ethical and societal responsibilities.